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About Us
Our History
BO-Pelouse has grown tremendously since its humble beginning in 1991.  Owner, Marc Guindon began with a mere 40 clients in his neighborhood in the North of Dorval.  Personalized and reliable service brought a steady increase in clientele however the Ice-storm of 1998 was a pivotal point for the company.  BO-Pelouse was the only snow removal company in Dorval servicing clients with a tractor/blower system and the only company able to clear drives of the thick ice.  Word travelled quickly in the community and the following season the company bloomed from 250 to over 800 clients. Our first office opened 1999.  We are proud to say that we have since grown from two tractors to 20 tractors and a team of over 25 staff and operators.
The Present

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The operations are managed from our office, located at 63C Donegani in Pointe Claire. Where, each season, hundreds of customers are greeted and served by our polite and knowledgeable office staff. BO-Pelouse offers yearly property maintenance, fertilizing and snow removal services.

What sets us apart?
Although it is difficult to imagine that there are ways to change or improve lawn cutting and snow removal techniques, BO-Pelouse remains at the forefront of its industry both environmentally and technologically.  We have ‘gone green’ with biodiesel fuelled tractors and a grass and leaf recycling programs.  Environmentally friendly fertilizers and insect control products.  We have implemented GPS tracking in all of our vehicles which enables our staff to have constant knowledge of the whereabouts of each tractor, providing accurate location details for client queries as well as to co-ordinate timely service to all clients in case of equipment failure. In the near future we will be incorporating a customer portal which will allow our customers to login to their account.
Courtesy broadcast system (AUTOTEL): This broadcast, used at our discretion, allows us to advise all snow removal clients of their driver’s final pass through their area, thus allowing customers to remove their cars prior to the drivers’ arrival and reduce waiting times for other clients.
The Community
BO-Pelouse is a proud supporter of local charities and organizations and have donated over $60,000.

The following are some of the ones we contribute regularly. WIAIH (West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped), West Island Palliative Care, École Gentilly, WIWC (West Island Women’s Center), St-John Fisher Elementary, Dorval Municipal Golf Club, Pointe-Claire Oldtimers Hockey and many more. If you would like to add your charity or organisation to our growing list please contact us.