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Snow Removal


The real solution to our Winters!

BO-Pelouse Inc. provides primarily residential snow removal service and also dertain commercial properties. We only serve the regions of Dorval and Pointe-Claire (map).

Our equipment includes over 20 tractors with inverted blowers equiped with stainless steel blades  (designed to prevent rust damage).

Your Driveway will be cleared in the early morning to facilitate your departure for work and again before you return.
  • Residential specialists
  • Clearing from first to last snowfall
  • Professional efficient service
  • Condensed routes to provide faster service
  • Professionally trained operators servicing the same area
  • year after year
  • Clearing before 6:30am and 4:30pm
  • Repeat clearing after Municipal plows
  • Driveway markers installed
  • Courteous office dispatch

We have moved!


63 C Donegani
Pointe-Claire, Qc
H9R 2V9
Tel: 514-630-3396
Fax: 514-630-5329

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